Here, we are providing an interface for one to navigate the corpus of Indo-Tibetan literature as digital etexts in the same way as one could expect to navigate the same texts in a Tibetan Library. We have not as yet provided the ability to search for a text.

If you would like to query for a title rather than navigating to find it, we recommend using the AIBS multi-lingual database of Indo-Tibetan literature. We have been working closely with AIBS as they develop their database to provide relevant links to our etexts for each database entry.


The Tibetan sections of our site here have been designed and developed with Chris Fynn's DDC Uchen font. The site will run quicker and look better if you install this font on your computer. It can be downloaded from the Dzongkha Development Commission at this link.

At this stage we are only able to provide content searching within a specified title. We are working on the infastructure to enable searching accross titles. This does require a unicode Tibetan script input method. You can find information on installing an input method at Digital Tibetan.
You can use the browser's built in find function. Once you are at the etext screen, having selected the etext link under a given title, you can activate the browser's built in find tool. For most browsers this is activated with ctrl+F on a PC and cmd+F on a Mac. You will then use the Tibetan input method you have installed on your computer to type Tibetan unicode script into the find bar.


To cite a page in the plain etext interface, use the following formula: